The Process

Every Strolz Ski Boot is an individual unique creation, fitted exactly to YOUR foot and the three step process we undertake ensures that your own boots are perfect in every way.

» Foot Analysis

Strolz Ski Boots - UK

Every foot is unique and by imprinting your foot, your Strolz ski boot will be created to model this data.

As part of the analysis process, we take your individual foot print and capture the exact volume of your feet to the millimetre, ensuring optimum fit.

Also at the first meeting we also determine your skier type and match you with the correct shell configuration dependant on your weight, physiology and ability level.

» Boot Creation

Strolz Ski Boots - UK

The data from your foot analysis is transferred manually by hand to your ski boot with the leather inner and shell both being modeled identically to your last.

Your custom ski boot is then crafted by Steven Hankin so as to ensure your boots compliment your unique foot print.

» Fitting

Strolz Ski Boots - UK

The final stage is then to individually and anatomically complete the ski boot through the foaming process.

A foot bed is prepared that correctly supports your foot in the ski boot and is expertly fitted for you.

Any high spots or problem areas are then padded where necessary so that the foaming process can be undertaken, resulting in the creation of your unique boot liner.

Once this process has been fully completed, after 24 hours your Strolz ski boots are ready for you to use and enjoy!


We are now able to supply your own expertly fitted ski boots from stock as we have a full set of wooden lasts which allow us to pre-form boots for our customers.

An extensive range of shells and leather inners are kept in stock too so that the whole process of analysis, measuring, customizing and fitting your new Strolz ski boots can all be done within the same day if required with consultations available by appointment only.

» Prices

A pair of expertly fitted Strolz ski boots cost only £650 when fitted at our premises in Otley, West Yorkshire and if needed, a moulded footbed is available at a cost of £60.