Strolz Ski Boots

Strolz Ski Boots - 100% Unique, 100% Perfection!

Strolz Ski Boots Strolz Ski Boots Strolz Ski Boots

Strolz custom ski boots are the only customised orthopaedic ski boots available and each pair crafted are completely unique to the anatomy of your foot.

We are proud to be the exclusive UK supplier of Strolz ski boots and we now offer the same day service that Strolz clients enjoy in Austria.

Strolz are produced in Austria at the factory in Langen and Strolz craftsmanship is second to none. By choosing to purchase a pair of Strolz custom made ski boots, you’ll be assured of comfort and enjoyment that will last for years to come.

For specific foot problems such as club feet and pinned ankles, a specialist boot will be produced in Austria in a three to four week period. This modified boot will then be fitted by Steven in the UK. All other foot problems can be dealt with from the complete range we carry in stock.

By purchasing a pair of Strolz, your skiing will improve as you will be able to focus on your technique, not the discomfort of ill-fitting ski boots!