The Fitting Process

Due to the custom nature of Hannes Strolz Ski Boots two fitting appointments are required in order to complete the process.

Appointment One


Assessment and Measurement

Your Strolz ski boot fitting will begin with an in-depth evaluation of your lower limb mechanics. We will assess your range of motion, foot function and structure.

Posture, alignment and plantar force distribution is then assessed using the latest pressure scanning technology.

Finally, a comprehensive set of measurements of your feet and lower legs.

Custom Insole Fabrication

Forming the foundation of your custom fitted ski boots.

Our custom insoles are produced to our specification and are a multi layered, heat mouldable composite product, that conforms exactly to the shape of your feet. They are fabricated in house within your appointment time.

By increasing contact and distributing plantar pressure we improve the stability of the whole body, enhancing proprioception and balance. Through this we reduced fatigue and maximise both comfort and performance.

A properly made insole will also optimise the foots position within the boot improving alignment and the effectiveness of the fitting of the liner.

Ski Boot Selection

The final step of the first appointment.

Hannes Strolz offer several different models of boots, which can all be viewed on the Products page. From our assessment we will advise which model will best suit your needs.

Depending on the production requirements and lead times, the time between appointments can be up to three weeks so please allow for this when booking your first appointment.

We will contact you to schedule your second appointment once we have recieved your boots from Austria.

Appointment Two


Boot and Liner Production

Your measurements and boot specifications will be sent to the Hannes Strolz factory in Langen, Austria and the liner will be produced and shells assembled.

Once your boots arrive our boot fitters will produce a pair of lasts from the measurements taken of your feet. These are then used to shape the boot shells, stretching the plastic so that it conforms to the shape of your feet.

Finally, your custom insoles will be manufatured and installed into your liners and any remaining adjustments made.

Your Hannes Strolz boots are now ready for the final fitting appointment.

Fitting your liners

The final stage of making your boots is to fit the liners. This is done by injecting a two-part close cell PU foam into the liners with your feet in situ within your boots. The foam flows around your feet and once set, matches exactly to your foot and lower leg morphology.

We allow two hours for this appointment to give time for any final adjustments to the shell or insole before and after we undertake the foaming process.

Before using you new boots the liners will need to cure for 24 hours. After this the next step it to go skiing!

As with any ski boots, adjustments are occasionally required after been skied for the first time. All Hannes Strolz boots are are covered by Glide & Slide's comprehensive fit guarantee

Meet our Expert Boot Fitters

A combined experience of nearly 40 years

Ally Bolton

Ally Bolton has been working as a professional Ski Boot Fitter at Glide & Slide since 2004 after returning to the UK from Canada where he had been working as a Ski Instructor. Since 2004, he has become one of the best specialist boot fitters in the UK and frequently attracts international customers traveling from outside the UK for a fitting.

Ally started his fitting career by being trained by Steven Hankin who is the original owner and founder of Glide & Slide and has 25 years’ experience with Strolz. He worked alongside Steven until Steven retired in 2016. Ally is now the co-owner of Glide & Slide with his partner, Maddy Hankin.

In addition to the many years spent working alongside Steven, Ally has also spent time working in the Strolz shop in Lech in order to further his knowledge and share experiences with the Austrian fitters. As the only UK Strolz fitter in the UK, Ally works closely with the Strolz factory in Langen in order to have boots produced (when necessary) specifically for customers. He also visits the factory regularly to make sure Glide & Slide is fully up to date with the latest development with the boot technology and fitting techniques.

Frazer Shand

Frazer joined Glide & Slide at the start of the 2021 season. With over 15 years’ experience, he has done multiple ski seasons in Canada and France culminating with 7 years as Buyer, Manager and Trainer at Profeet in London. Recognised as one of the top ski boot fitters in the UK, Frazer holds Masterfit Masters Plus, Sidas Academy and BSBA 301 Certification and is a Member of the Society of Shoe Fitters. Alongside his boot fitting experience, he is a CSIA qualified ski instructor and certified ski technician. He is also in the process of completing a Sports and Exercise Science degree with Manchester Metropolitan University.

Problems with ski boots in the past?

Because each pair of Strolz in unique we are able to deal with issues that off the shelf boots cannot. Examples of issues we frequently deal with are:

  • Very wide feet
  • Very large, or “sporty” calves
  • Pinned or Fused ankles
  • Club Feet
  • Size discrepancy between feet

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our fitters please visit our contact us page.

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