Meet the Expert Boot Fitters

Ally Bolton

Ally Bolton has been working as a professional Ski Boot Fitter at Glide & Slide since 2004 after returning to the UK from Canada where he had been working as a Ski Instructor.  Since 2004, he has become one of the best specialist boot fitters in the UK and frequently attracts international customers traveling from outside the UK for a fitting.


Ally started his fitting career by being trained by Steven Hankin who is the original owner and founder of Glide & Slide and has 25 years’ experience with Strolz.   He worked alongside Steven until Steven retired in 2016.  Ally is now the co-owner of Glide & Slide with his partner, Maddy Hankin.


In addition to the many years spent working alongside Steven, Ally has also spent time working in the Strolz shop in Lech in order to further his knowledge and share experiences with the Austrian fitters.  As the only UK Strolz fitter in the UK, Ally works closely with the Strolz factory in Langen in order to have boots produced (when necessary) specifically for customers.  He also visits the factory regularly to make sure Glide & Slide is fully up to date with the latest development with the boot technology and fitting techniques.