How To Fit The Perfect Ski Boot

Initial Assessment

In order to determine the best model and flex of boot for you we will have an in depth discussion with you about your skiing ability and style, where on the mountain you prefer to ski, your physical fitness, any issues you may have with your feet or legs and any problems you may have had with ski boots in the past.  From the information we gather we will be able select the appropriate model and flex of boot for you.

Foot Analysis

The next stage is to analyse your feet and legs. This involves taking imprints of your feet which will show the over shape of your foot print as well as any pressure points there may be.  After this we will take a comprehensive set of measurements of your feet and legs.  From these measurements we can determine if we need to shape the shell and also what liner is best for you.  All Strolz liners are hand stitched leather and are available in different widths and shapes.  If you have foot issues it may be necessary for us to have a special liner and / or shell made for you in the factory in Austria.

Shaping The Shell

In order to get you into a boot that is the correct length we may need to stretch the shell to expand the width.  To do this we use the imprints and measurements we have taken and build a last (mold) of your feet.  The Strolz lasts and made for every model and size of shell and by adding cork we can create a last (and therefore a shell) which exactly matches your feet. This process means you will end up with a boot which is exactly the right size for you, rather than having to go up a size in order to accommodate the width of your feet.

Foot Bed

To properly support and stabilise your feet we will make you a pair of custom footbeds.  To do this we take mold of your feet and arches and use these to correctly shape the footbeds. Once the footbeds have been made we insert them into the liners ready for the foaming process.

Foot Padding

We will pad the high points of your feet and ankles.  This is to make sure the boot does not become too close a fit.  The padding varies from person to person, but generally we will pad both ankles, the top of the foot and the first and fifth metatarsal heads.

Foaming Process

The final stage is to inject the foam into the liners.  We will help you get your padded feet into the boots and fasten the clips.  We will then mix the two part foam together and inject it into the liner.  The foam runs all around the foot and any excess will come out of the pipes by the toes.  While this is happening you will need to pull down on two handles to keep your heel in place inside the boot.  After a few minutes the foam will have set and you can take the boots off.  We will then remove the pipes.  You will try the boots back on to make sure you are happy with the fit and then they must be left alone for twenty four hours in order for the foam to cure.  After this you are ready to hit the slopes!