A Boot as Unique As Your Feet

The problem with most ski boots is they assume that everyone has “normal feet”. This can lead to severe discomfort, while you should simply be enjoying yourself, or worse leading you to be unable to ski all-together. Thanks to Strolz this is no longer an issue. The bespoke fitting process means each boot is unique to you and can fit round virtually any foot morphology. This means that you can book your next ski holiday with the confident expectation of comfort and style.

Strolz boots allow us to fit boot for even the most problematic of feet. Some of the issues we deal with on a regular basis are:

Very wide feet

Very large, or “sporty” calves

Pinned or Fused ankles

Club Feet

Size discrepancy between feet

In order for us to be able to deal with issues such as these it is sometimes necessary to have a special boot or liner made in the factory in Austria and sent to us for fitting. This requires two fitting sessions: the first to assess and measure the feet and the second for the fitting. These sessions are normally three weeks apart and will incur an additional charge of £100.
If you have specific issues with your feet then please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.